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A hobby turned into a passion for 3D printing

It is not always the younger generation who are the first to discover new technologies.

In our case, it was the father who discovered 3D printing a few years ago and later passed his enthusiasm on to the son.

It started with small figures for mother's handicrafts and spare parts for household appliances - always accompanied by annoyance about problems with the filament used, which pulled threads, didn't adhere well or printed impure colors.

So a higher quality filament was used, which delivered better results, but was also significantly more expensive.

A thought quickly formed: Why not develop your own filaments that meet your own quality standards but are affordable?

While father Jörg saw himself as responsible for product development, son Steffen, who works in marketing, was to take over marketing and sales.

And that's how it happened: In January 2022, Vision 3D was founded.

First-class filament and 3D printing accessories for hobby and professional printing

Our product range consists of filaments made of high-quality materials and precise manufacture at fair prices, which are aimed at both hobbyists and professional use. We are gradually expanding our range with new filament types and colors and, in the future, with various accessories for 3D printing. We have also made it our task to promote the development of new, innovative solutions in 3D printing.

Convince yourself of the quality of our filaments!

Believe us - we know the problems you encounter again and again when 3D printing with conventional filaments. We know how much they can spoil the joy of 3D printing. And we are convinced that we can counteract this with our high-quality filaments.

Convince yourself and realize your next project with one of our filaments - for a pleasant 3D printing experience and more than successful results.

We appreciate your feedback!

Your Vision 3D team